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jump then fall
welcome to female20in20 a 20in20 comm dedicated celebrity females. this comm was inspired by many of the wonderful 20in2 comms out there (gals20in20, celebs20in20 and more!)

this community is was created by kayestar and is now run by menthae.
20 icons
there will be 10 themes, a category theme and artist choice each round. the category theme will have something in common. for artist choice, you can make whatever icons you want; still maintaining the LJ standards and no animations of course.
choose one celebrity for each round. have a second choice provided (just in case). you may not choose the same celebrity two times in a row; give others a chance to have a different celebrity.

you must be a member to participate. all icons must be new and specifically made for the current round of female20in20. all icons must fit LJ standards; no animation. please keep cursing to a minimum; minor language is okay, although please state if your icons have cursing outside the cut. no nudity.

if you post your icons to a community, please make sure that it is not locked; likewise with your own journal, we do not have to friend you to view the entry. please post three teaser icons ONLY. link us DIRECTLY to the icons; if are posting something else along with your entry.

make sure you have finished all of your icons before posting. all entries will have gone through moderation before becoming approved.